A wide variety of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are being used to decorate walls, floors and countertops as it has numerous advantages. The best advantage of using ceramic tile design is that it is suitable and reveals your creative area and your eye for significant designs also. Though the use of ceramic tiles is harsh and involves huge investment, people love to use it as it makes their entire house look striking especially the floors. Nowadays, these tiles are manufactured with the support of latest technologies and thus a vast variety of tiles are available today. So, if you have made up your mind to use the tiles then you should make a complete list of the items you may require while using tiles. If you are appointing some professional interior designer who can lead you on this vital and important issue, you need to pay attention to their suggestions about its use. The interior designers are well experienced with its use and they will check for all better details which can be used to give your home an efficient and exciting look.

Different Types of Ceramic Tiles

There are an enormous variety of tiles which can be used for walls, floorings and kitchen countertops. Today, many people prefer to use tiles as it is easy to maintain and lasts for a long period. Now, let us examine some of the most important varieties of ceramic tiles

GLAZZED TILE These tiles are filled with the two basic elements clay and water. These tiles are created by merging various forms of clay. It is then dried to abolish its moisture content. The glaze look is given by coating colored glaze on the tiles. These tiles are used on the walls and other exterior to enhance the dcor of the room. The glazed ceramic tiles are usually used in most of the corporate offices and shopping malls. In addition, ceramic tiles encompass a huge collection of colors and designs.

WALL TILE There are diverse kinds of wall tiles. Generally, wall tiles are available in glazed and dull finishes which looks attractive on the walls. Glazed tiles are rather used as wall tiles as it tend to be slippery when wet. Hence, it is used on walls and countertops rather than floors.


Out of all the popular ceramic tiles include the porcelain tiles which are embedded with the number of features. It is recognised as resistant to wear and tear. It can also stand moisture and stains. The porcelain tiles are used widely in homes and offices. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and stylish in appearance. These days you can also find a range of designs and colors among porcelain tiles.

So, go ahead and make a selection of the ceramic tiles and give a new look to your house.